ICDC Surrey Patient Support Group Update

ICDC Surrey is firmly positioning itself as a Patient Support Group. We've re-written our Constitution and re-jigged our Committee. We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, so please do keep in touch.
Mrs Judi Linney MBE
(on behalf of the ICDC Surrey Committee)


ICDC Surrey 
Patient Support Group


To provide the opportunity for ICD patients and their families to discuss their concerns and share experiences through networking and mentoring. 

To provide information to ICD patients through education events, patient information booklets and social media.

To update on the latest technology from the ICD manufacturers.

To be affiliated with the * British Heart Foundation, and work closely with the cardiology departments at Surrey hospitals, HeartBeat Support Woking and the Cardiomyopathy UK Surrey Support Group


ICDC Surrey will be managed by a small committee of non-clinical volunteers.

The committee will work closely with clinical staff as required and there will be a designated Clinical Advisor.

The committee of non-clinical volunteers including a Chair and Treasurer will meet at least twice a year or as necessary (quorum of 3) and keep a record of all meetings and correspondence.


The annual education day will be arranged by the clinical staff at St Peter’s Hospital and all members and their families are invited to attend.

ICDC committee members will offer support as required.


A current record of income and expenditure will be kept by the Treasurer.

All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two members of the committee.

The funds belonging to the group will only be used to further the aims of the group.


The group may be dissolved at any time by mutual agreement.

The committee will distribute any funds and assets remaining after the payment of creditors, to other charitable group(s) or organisation(s) having similar aims to ICDC Surrey.

By agreement of the ICDC Surrey Committee                                      
19 June 2018

* ICDC Surrey is affiliated with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) until July 2019.

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