ICDC Surrey buys instant ECG monitors for arrhythmia clinic

We are pleased to advise that ICDC Surrey has purchased two AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG monitors for use in the arrhythmia clinic at St Peter's Hospital.

These hand-held devices can monitor a patient's heart rhythm in just 30 seconds when attending the clinic, without having to wait for a conventional paper ECG print-out.

The ECG trace can be emailed to the patient for their records, or to the consultant for further analysis if required.

Pat Little (below on the right) applied for the funding, and she and Lisa Galley, both Specialist Arrhythmia Nurses, are seen here demonstrating the small devices which link to a smart phone.

Thank you ICDC Surrey!

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Dr Ian Beeton
Consultant Cardiologist
St Peter's Hospital

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