Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

ICDC Surrey have celebrated 10 years as a patient support group. We caught up with patients, friends and family on Saturday 10th June and all agreed that the group is still important and necessary. Thank you to everyone who organised the afternoon and to all who came along to show their support.
Looking forward, we would like to have more social events, in addition to our regular education day (usually in April/May). Social events need not be formal occasions, perhaps even meeting for drink in the pub, or fish and chips, or picking up the phone to have a chat.
In the past, the group was committee-driven but this has changed and we shouldn't rely on just Judi and Howard Linney and Duncan and Gay Reid to do all the work. As ICDC Surrey is not a registered charity, we are not bound by any formal reporting constraints, which means that we should do more on an informal basis. There is a small fund which could contribute to this, so don't be shy about coming forward with suggestions.
I will personally be asking some of our members to take this forward and I hope to report back on the next event very soon.
In the meantime, ICDC Surrey is pleased to promote HeartBeat Support Woking, which provides support and encouragement to all cardiac patients and their families at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals. Their next event is a BBQ on 7th July and more information can be found on their website http://www.heartbeat-support-woking.org
We also are very fortunate to have Sr Tracey Bradshaw and her Cardiomyopathy Support Group in the Trust. Their next meeting will be on Saturday 15th July 2pm in the Post Graduate Education Centre at St Peter's Hospital, and our ICDC Surrey members are welcome to attend.
To end, stay heart happy and healthy and keep in touch.

Dr Ian Beeton
Consultant Cardiologist
Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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