Dear Members, Families, Carers, Friends and Colleagues

2016 has seen sadness and challenges for our patient support group. Graham Skelding passed away suddenly in February, and his passion for ICDC Surrey is sorely missed. Graham’s family have provided a legacy in his memory and, with ICDC Surrey support, the Pacing Department at St Peter’s Hospital will very shortly be the proud owners of two new state-of-the-art pacemaker couches. Thank you, Margaret, for keeping in touch and for your generosity.

Judi Linney has been ‘holding the fort’ as Chairperson in the meantime and Duncan Reid continues to keep the group’s finances in check, and we are grateful to both. However, in order to carry on our activities and to expand to all Surrey hospitals, we do need more volunteers. 

ICDC Surrey hosted a very successful Education Day in April, attended by 50 patients and family members. This has become an annual event in our calendar. A 10 year celebration of ICDC Surrey is planned for early 2017.

We said farewell to Nicola Hutchison, who you may have met in Pacing Clinic at St Peter’s Hospital. Celso Camargo is the new Chief Physiologist. He has a wealth of
experience with pacing, ICDs and electrophysiology. Krissie Tewkesbury, now Krissie Potter (congratulations Krissie!) is the pacing clinic liaison for ICDC Surrey, and with her physiologist colleagues in other hospitals. Celso and Krissie are pictured above.

To our Physiologist colleagues from other Surrey hospitals – your patients are most welcome too. Please do get in touch.

And finally, ICDC Surrey has published a patient information booklet. Please feel free to ask for one at your next appointment. We are developing a new website but we are always updating our blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed, so there is no excuse for not staying in touch and up to date.

Happy heart health to you and yours,

Dr Ian Beeton
Consultant Cardiologist
Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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