ICD patient Q&A

Following on from the Education Day, one patient has posed the following questions:

QUESTION 1: If the ICD restores normal rythm without the need for the full reboot, is one taken off the road by the DVLA, or not? 

ANSWER: A full reboot = shock and in this instance one would not be permitted to drive. However, you are referring to anti-tachycardia pacing, which is not a shock and is not associated with incapacity and therefore you would be permitted to drive. Please do get in touch with the ICD/pacing clinic if you are unsure.

QUESTION 2: What diameter is the vein normally used and what is its name please?

ANSWER: The vein used is either the axillary or the sub-clavian vein. Diameter around 1.5cm.

NB: I'd also like to know ICD implications if we get Tasered while out having fun.

ANSWER: We'd also like to know what happens if you are Tasered. Perhaps you could conduct a research project and let us know :-)

Please do keep your questions coming in.

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