Announcement: Graham Skelding

It is with great sadness that we announce that Graham Skelding passed away after a short illness.
Graham took on the role of Chairman of ICDC Surrey, and worked passionately to develop the support group amongst ICD patients in Surrey.
Graham was supported by his wife, Margaret, and everyone at ICDC Surrey sends their love and best wishes.


Brian Catt said...

Graham came to see me when I was in BIrch making the decision to just Pace or take the reboot option.

I recall he said he was on his third battery change!

IMO the best tribute to Graham will be for those who have the experience to continue to support this group, the people who treat us, and the people who need help and advice in their life after ICD. In whatever way we do best.

Every one's a winner, baby!


ICD_Support said...

Hear, Hear!