Education Day 2016

 ICDC Surrey Education Day
Saturday 16th April
Chertsey House
St Peter’s Hospital

Brush up on your resuscitation skills.
Chat to the experts and find out about new ICD technologies.
Ask the Consultant ANYTHING!

Attendance is free but please let us know if you would like to attend.

or speak to the pacing staff at St Peter's Hospital.


Brian Catt said...

Interesting session on Saturday, thanks Ian. The description of how an ICD will try to track then overtake an arythmia, lock onto it and pull it back to normal'ish, runaway horse/train catching style, BEFORE then going for the nuclear option of a total reboot shock, was very interesting.

A potted technical but lay description of that would be interesting, if I didn't just write it.

QUESTION 1: If this form of incident occurs and restores normal rythm without the need for the full reboot, is one taken off the road by the DVLA, or not? On the current rules as writ, not.

NB: I'd also like to know ICD implications if we get Tasered while out having fun.

QUESTION 2: What diameter is the vein normally used and what's its name please? I think I see it here in blue

ICD_Support said...

Thanks for your feedback and questions, Brian.

I will post the answers in a new blog post so everyone can find out. Look out for this in a few days.

Ian Beeton, Consultant Cardiologist, St Peter's Hospital.