The challenge of new implantable device proposed pricing structures for hospitals in England

Important message from Dr Beeton, Patron of ICDC Surrey and Consutlant Cardiologist, Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust. 

Currently,  hospitals make a profit from implanting pacemakers and ICDs. This profit is used to fund services that run at a loss, such as care of vulnerable elderly patients with complex problems. New proposals by Monitor would result in a loss to hospitals in England of £2,000-£8,000 per ICD implanted. Pacemaker implantation would also result in loss when all costs are taken into account. 

Hospitals are not like businesses and cannot choose not to provide services that run at a loss. The proposed tariffs would probably result in fewer patients being offered pacemakers and ICDs, even when NICE guidelines recommend these treatments. It would be either that, or trusts would become bankrupt affecting all patients. 

We believe that it is very important to hear our patients' voices in these matters, but it is urgent as feedback closes on Monday 14 September.

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