ICDC Surrey Education Day goes from strength to strength

A big 'thank you' to everyone who came along to the Education Day last weekend, and supported our Surrey patients living with ICDs. It was an entertaining afternoon refreshing our resuscitation skills, and meeting people with interesting ICD stories to share.

Dr Michael Papadakis telling us about ICDs in younger patients

Getting to grips with the detail
As always, we were delighted to meet up with old friends, but new faces are always welcome, especially those wearing amusing T-shirts!

New member modelling unique T-shirt

If you would like to know more about the work of ICDC Surrey across all of Surrey's hospitals, please do get in touch. Or leave a question on our Questions and Answers page. We'd love to hear from you.

We wish you a heart happy spring/summer and look forward to meeting more of you at our social event towards the end of the year.

Dr Ian Beeton
Consultant Cardiologist
St Peter's Hospital

1 comment:

Brian Catt said...

Ian B suggested this somewhat amusing story and the implications may be of interest.

Just got back from representing governors at an "ASPH Wasup presentation to Spelthorne Council" event and realised I had put on and been wearing a highly magnetic ASPH name badge - on top of my ICD. Woops. Checked it out for strength and it sticks to a radiator like stuff to a blanket when assembled BTW.....

Being a governor may damage your health for unexpected reasons?

I ran a manual data session on the Medtronic remote box ASAP in case. Worked fine. No strange noises are coming from the Brionic chest, however. No unmarked vans have appeared outside. I seem to be functioning in whatever passes as normal - for me.

Seriously, ASPH name badge magnets are MUCH more powerful, and get more proximal to an ICD, than the electro magnetic fields most consumer electronics can generate. So if they don't affect current ICDs, most other stuff won't - and the guidance re avoidance of electro magnetic devices might be over conservative for the newer devices, as Ian indicated at the last ICDC meeting. And maybe advice should include avoiding industrial strength ASPH et al magnetic name badges! Good for pricey threads though.

But I have enjoyed the fast track hand search going through Parliamentary security with my pacemaker card. No need to undress when they frisk you manually. So I shall use that privilege whenever possible - at airports as well?