Join the ICDC Surrey

You are invited to become a member of the ICDC Surrey.

The ICDC is jointly operated by the clinical staff of Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals, patients who have had an ICD implant & members of the patient’s family. Each of these three groups all have a very important role to play in organising the support needed & to identify the problems that may occur & how best to overcome them.


  •  To provide an automatic membership & a forum for all people with ICDs, their family, partners & friends to discuss with others their concerns & problems.
  • To assist people with ICDs regain their confidence & well-being if/when experiencing problems or during difficult times.
  • To provide literature from relevant organisations on all topics which are related to ICD patients.
  • To have the opportunity to meet or contact other people who have had similar experiences & gain support from their knowledge.
  • To provide current information about driving, insurance, holidays & any other areas where people with ICDs may experience problems.
  • To provide up to date information, latest technology & improvements from the suppliers of ICDs.
  •  We are affiliated to & work with the British Heart Foundation.

Please join us & help to create a more knowledgeable & congenial way of life for all ICD patients.


Stay connected. Follow us on Twitter @ICD_Club.

Or catch up with our blog and other heart disease chat at talkhealthblog.

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