ICDC Surrey Education Day in pictures

Great work everyone!

Thank you all for coming along to the Education Day.

Here are a few photos of the day, and a short update based on participant feedback.

We were able to practice our basic life support skills

Dr Beeton explained the clinical choices to be made when implanting cardioverter defibrillators

Charlotte Pompeii told us about ICD safety

Ian Clement hosted a general information and 'Q &A' session
We hope to upload a video of the presentations shortly.

1. People who attended the function all stressed how important it had been to them to be able to discuss any personal questions with members of the medical staff who were present. It answered many imaginary fears that had been worrying them. 

2. Some suggested that, if possible, ICDC Surrey should also consider holding a “Patients Day” at St Peter's Hospital, and they would appreciate the opportunity of having small groups, all “chaired” by a medical person [on different subject matters]. It would be based on holding a “Question & Answer” session, aiming for at least 4 different groups which each operated for a specified time before the participants move onto the next group. In this manner, all people would be able to participate fully. ICDC Surrey will look into this.

3. ICDC Surrey received £330 in donations from people who were unable to attend, and a further contribution of £73.90 in donations on the day. We are delighted as this is a clear show of support for what ICDC Surrey are trying to establish.

4. ICDC Surrey sold 32 tickets for the “Longboat Trip”. We will be holding a raffle during the trip and any offers of “prizes” would be gratefully appreciated.

5. Many people asked if we could in future include a map with our invitation of where the event was being held within St Peter's Hospital. We are happy to do this. Thanks for your feedback. We have ordered two ICDC Surrey signs which will help in the future. We will also identify Blue Badge parking areas.

6. Our new fact-sheet about the “Aims of the ICDC/Points of Contact” has proved popular. We have already received responses because of it. Please contact ICDC Surrey if you would like to receive a copy.

7. We would like to encourage patients and their families from other Surrey hospitals to join the defibrillator club. Expansion is key to what ICDC Surrey are striving to achieve. If you know of someone who might benefit from joining us, please do let them know how to contact ICDC Surrey, for more information.

Finally, thank you once again from ICDC Surrey. We look forward to seeing some of you at the Afternoon Tea Cruise on 6 July. Please contact Margaret Skelding to book your place.

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