Consider registering with MedicAlertUK if you have an ICD

  • MedicAlert provides a 24/7 emergency response line operated by the London Ambulance Service, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This emergency phone number accepts reverse call charges and  can converse in over 100 languages.
  • Members have their detailed medical records stored on  secure system which needs to be kept up-to-date with your conditions and medication. It contains much more detailed information then is stored on your emblem, which is particularly important for complex medical histories or advance decisions. If you need to update your record contact them.
  • When you join MedicAlert a team of medically trained staff are on hand to discuss your conditions and allergies, so that you have the right information engraved on your emblem.
  • MedicAlert’s ongoing education programme is designed to ensure that  emblems are recognised by emergency personnel and other healthcare professionals.
  • They are part of an international network with members in over 58 countries, so there is a greater chance that medical staff will look for your emblem when you are travelling abroad.
  • Their jewellery is hand crafted by own team of expert jewellers, who can make the custom size.

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